Saturday, December 10, 2016

The E-Commerce Guide For Small Business

If you are a small or medium size business and want to generate money and/or increase website visitors then this book is a must.  The author guides the reader through the key factors currently used by business owners who have learned to harness the power of the Internet.  Some of the topics that are discussed are; what to look for in a hosting company, learning key reporting metrics such as your cost per visitor, revenue and profit per visitor as well as having real-time data analysis of what visitors are doing on your website.  In addition the reader will learn the significant role SEO; search engine optimization plays in getting your site ranked, tools to increase your website visitors as well as creating and managing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.   The author has also provided a very thorough resource section at the end of the book broken out by chapter.  Here the reader can explore additional information on all the topics discussed throughout the book.  Learn from industry leaders, and companies as they provide guidance to website owners as well learning's from case studies.  Consider this a reference book where you will return to time and time again as you grow your ebusiness.

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